EIKASO cutlery manufacture

Quality made in Solingen


Since 1926, we are engaged in manufacture of cutting tools.
The name of Solingen guarantees excellent steel quality and workmanship of our tools.

All EIKASO products are subject to rigorous quality assurance. The only way we can absolutely guarantee the high quality blade and handle ... because our experience means safety for you in all areas of operation - whether butcher knives, chef's knives, professional knives with forged blades or household knives.

Especially our cutting tools for meat represent the most modern know-how, innovative safety design and best ergonomic conditions for fatigue-free working.

The blade: Stainless steel, hardness and texture individually tailored to the respective blade and the associated operation.
The handle: Ergonomic, slip-resistant, hot-water-resistant, dirt - and grease- repellent lies securely in your hand and protects against injury.
The PROfiTECT knife handle is - by its material properties (rubber/plastic mixture) - suitable for all types of blades!

Quality made in Solingen. Give us a try. We can not compare ... but you.